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The Blind Confession
by ilduceGN
A Bleach Fanfic

The time was ten-forty-five

Fenice entered into his office, and told Ichi to to be seated.
Ichi entered with Natalia. She offered him a seat to which he thanked her, and soon left closing the door. Ichi remained quiet, as he heard Fenice moving about.
Fenice was carrying a folder on his way in, and he placed it on his desk as he sat in his chair. As he opened it, he also undid the knot tied under his chin, and took off his hat. Revealing he was man in his late 30’s with ear-length, messy black hair, light tanned skin and a eye patch over his left eye. Placing the hat at one corner of the desk, he then brought out a small grey bowl and placed a kiseru pipe on it.
“Hello again, little Ichi,” spoke Fenice, calmly lighting a match for his pipe, but Ichi didn’t answer. Ichi’s eyes though closed, darted about as his face was lowered. It was cooler inside the room than the other, but soon the air turned bitter by the smell of tobacco. Fenice started again, “A troubling night it’s been. Hope you don’t mind the smoke.” Ichi shook his head, and with that Fenice took a few quick puffs, while putting out the match, and sighed out a stream of smoke.
Putting the tip back his mouth, he inhaled smoothly through the mouth and exhaled fumes from his nose, as he looked back down to the folder. Inside was a record of Michio Minamoto’s birth, family and so on.
He then asked, with a curious glance, “Is Ichi a nickname, Michio?” Ichi gave it some thought having heard his real name said again. Twirling his thumbs, he looked up with a little smile and answered, “It was-but now I prefer it.” “I see,” nodded Fenice, as he returned to the papers, and flipped a page.
Ichi’s smile faded, and he leaned back in his chair, and continued to fiddle with his fingers. A sweat beat streaked down the side of his face, and his lips trembled as if wanting to say something. The sound of another page flip, and a exhale of smoke from Grant sounded again. Suddenly the thought of last night struck him hard, and he gasped, “How is she!” He bit his lip realizing he spoke out loud, and regretted it.
Fenice had stopped his reading and brought his gaze up to Ichi. One grey eye glared back at him, feeling the gaze Ichi lowered his head, apologizing. Fenice considered Ichi’s concern, but looking back to the papers he replied bitterly, “We’ll get to that later.”
Ichi sighed.
Continuing to scan the papers, Fenice occasionally glanced up at Ichi catching the many faces and body gestures. Blowing out a puff of smoke, the shinigami placed his kiseru slightly in the bowl, and leaned back into his chair with a sigh and stretching his arms out. Looking up Ichi’s eyes flinched about behind the closed lids as he waited for Fenice to say something.
Grant began as he leaned forward: “Alright, Michio. I know this may be new to you, surely from this I don’t see any reason for you to be mean spirited to any one. However I judge you here and now, as the head of this station. Whether you were to come from the lowest district or from a noble family, you will be treated like everybody else who comes into this academy.”
Ichi nodded.
“With that said,” continued Grant, “do you have personal gripes with the Tachibana?” Ichi gave it thought, while he undid the band in his hair. Letting his hair fall, he fiddled with the band in his fingers. Staying quiet he thought about his family, the Minamoto, and how they worked with fellow nobles; both good and bad.
In truth the Minamoto and the Tachibana kept close ties with one another, providing new members to be brought into the greater four noble families; there were other things but Ichi couldn’t recall them. However when he was much younger a bloody massacre occurred on the eighteenth of April, and the Tachibana were all but wiped out. Though few members did survive the onslaught, namely those married into the other families including the Minamoto. Why it happened is still a mixed debate.

Grant kept his sharp stare on Ichi, frowning in silence.
Ichi’s hands relaxed on the armrests, and he sighed opening his eyes slightly. “I can’t find a reason why yesterday came to be… I don’t have anything against them or her.” trying to find an answer Ichi continued. “Things of the past were either before my time, or simply I was too young. And this incident of which I appeared was simply-” He came to a halt.
The shinigami waited for the boy to finish his statement, his index finger tapping on the desk. He had put the pipe back in his mouth and was exhaling fumes once more.
“Being in the right place-but wrong time.” finished Ichi, lowering his head slightly.
“I swear, I-I’ve only ever met her at the fighting arena, and having giving it time I decided to go see how she was yesterday… But-”
Ichi hushed himself and brought his hands together in his lap, feeling a sudden chill crawl up his spine. Remembering that Kagerou was in that room as well as two others last night. They were there before him, and even attacked him. He could not recall who struck first, simply the sharp pain of a dagger flying into his shoulder, and a person of small height soon clashed with him afterwards. Three voices; one was Kagerou’, the other was a male’s, and the one he clashed with was obviously a female. Before being knocked out, he remembered being thrust against the wall by something perhaps wrapped in sheets.
“When we found you and her in the room, she was near the point of driving a knife through your throat!” entered Fenice’s voice, interrupting Ichi’s thought. “However with luck, the second we turned on the light she panicked and left you alone. She was absolutely terrified and soon fell into shock.” He then explained how there might of been a brawl, seeing how the whole room was knocked about and a window had been smashed out as if one had escaped.
Hearing the way Fenice brought up the idea of a brawl happening in the room. Ichi explained his side of the story further adding his account of meeting Kagerou and two others in the room upon entering. It was still a mystery to Ichi, but he had to get the thought of the three of his chest. Hearing this Fenice’s eye widen with surprise.
“It was only a hunch, and now you're saying that there were others!”
“Yes,” Ichi replied.
“Ho ho, I knew it! Things always seem to happen during a storm.” cheered Fenice, lightly clapping. “So what your telling me is you think these three may have had ill intentions with Kirie, and that will leave you clean?”
“No of course not! I simply told you all that I knew, and it so happens your theory on the clues were correct-that’s all.” replied Ichi, with a serious stare of his opened eyes.
Grant’s mocking smile, soon faded back into a frown. The twinkle in his eye faded too, as he sat back putting down the pipe once more.
“How many does this make,” Fenice muttered.
“This would have to be our third time,”
“Very curious, when I first met you I thought you were nothing more than a one time champ who didn’t care of the gossip,” Fenice kept staring into Ichi’s blind stare, talking almost to himself. “then you get in a fight with the Yellow Haze gang. Just like the fight with Kirie, it seemed as though you were mocking them with your dance. And now here we are again, as judge and convict!”
Ichi’s eyes lowered slightly and was puzzled by what was being said.
Grant took another long puff from his pipe, looking to the ceiling he blew out a cloud of smoke and smirked. Tapping out the ashes of his pipe into the bowl he placed the pipe down again.
“Yet again coming from you it sounds like, you’ve lived most of your days wandering right into trouble whenever you least expected it. So oftenly you tread cautiously and tend to leave things be. Apparently you even left your family according to this record.” he continued.
Fenice leaned down and rested his arms on the desk, and peered into the boy’s face as if to study him. Ichi bit his lip, and upon lowering his head the hair hid away his face.
“It hurts doesn't it,” Fenice stated softly. “when the surrounding darkness is your only friend, Michio.” Ichi’s felt his heart sink and his eyes began to well up, but he desperately tried to hold back the emotions as his hands returned to the armrests and his grip tightened.
Fenice sighed and stood up, and brought out his locket watch and opened it. Looking at Ichi and then back to the innards of the watch, he closed it and put it away. “But then again, Michio. Think of it this way, you didn’t have to walk a barren war torn landscape that had monsters roaming about devouring friends and enemies all around you, and all you can do is hide and wait for them to get you. But in the end the monsters never will come to end your misery.”
Ichi finally raised his head in tears, in total loss of words. Grant however came to the boys side, and placed a hand on his shoulder. The boy shivered slightly in his grasp, but Fenice told him that it was going to be fine.
The Blind Confession
So the story continues and this time I managed not to take a long time on it. For those out there still reading, have fun! The only question is where to go next...?
The Blind and Escort
by ilduceGN
A Bleach Fanfic

The next day

It was nine-thirty-seven when Ichi woke up. He found himself in bed, feeling a little groggy from last night. The voices and shaking carried on through the night, but had soon passed. The pain in his head had ceased and he could feel that his chest and shoulder were healed and bandaged. However, as he got up and reached around he could not find his cane; possibly the nurses took it.
Oh well, no big deal, he thought, and felt around for something to hold him steady. Grabbing a counter he brought himself off the bed, and took his time carefully mapping the area with his hands and feet. Two steps forth he came upon another bed so he turned to his left and followed forward with a hand on the bed. Soon he came to the bed-end, and turned to his right cautiously groping his left hand in the air and prodding the ground with his feet.
Making his way forth he let go of the bed but kept his right hand at that level. A twitch of his ears made him pause, as he heard muffled foot steps approaching. One followed by another it seemed. Biting his lip to keep himself calm, he waited and waited and soon the door opened and two figures entered; a soul reaper and a nurse.
“Had a good sleep, Minamoto?” asked the nurse.
“Very much, slightly rough but all around good!” he said with a smile.
The nurse approached him with an apology for having removed his cane, saying that since he was part of the scene he was to be treated with caution. To that he chuckled with embarrassment but understood the reasoning. As she looked over him the nurse checked off some things on her clip-board. Seeing if he was okay to be let out.
“You suffered no real injuries from what our doctors could see.” she informed with a smile, “Your head and shoulder shall be fine, in a day or two.” Looking over her shoulder she nodded to the soul reaper. Nodding back the soul reaper came up alongside the nurse. At the same time Ichi came up to the nurse asking if Kirie was alright. His face was pale with worry, and his eyes and hands couldn’t stop shaking.
The nurse finished checking off two more things and looked back to Ichi with a smile. Gently she took his hand and eased away his shaking as she assured him that Kirie was fine. Ichi looked to the voice with calm, sad eyes. Closing them he quietly sighed, nodding his head and lowered his hands.
“Just in shock with some blunt bruising, but she’ll live.”
“Okay...” said Ichi softly with his cheeks reddening, “I could hear so much pain in her voice!”
“Coming from one whose throat almost got stabbed.” the nurse giggled.
Ichi gulped, as he rubbed his throat, feeling a tiny prick at it’s center. The nurse finished up her checking and held out her clip-board before him. “Sign here,” she ordered, putting a pin in his hand, and guiding his aim to the X mark. Without question he did, clear and slightly sloppy. The nurse then introduced him to the soul reaper, and told him she would escort him out. The soul reaper’s name was Natalia Gozen.
Both greeted each other and without question Ichi held out his arm with a little smile. His escort standing six inches taller than him and the nurse, softly took him by the fore-arm and exited room six-teen. As they came to the main lobby, the nurse handed the clip-board to the main desk, and the woman there checked Ichi out, and also brought out his cane. Natalia took the cane, and headed out with Ichi where two other soul reapers were waiting.
“Caught a hottie, sister!” said one of them. Ichi recognized the voice as the referee from the arena. Natalia’s cheeks reddened as she shot back, “Jealous, Cecilia?” The referee shook her head laughing. Cecilia and Natalia were identical twins, same height and hair up in pony-tails. Except Cecilia’s hair and eyes are red and she wears an ocean blue scarf with the tails in the back; the latter has blue hair and eyes, and a vivid red scarf with a single tail at the front and back.
“Alright, let’s head out,” ordered the other reaper. “don’t wanna keep Senpai waiting.”
“Right,” obeyed Natalia.
Tsubame Machi then turned and went her way followed by the Gozen sisters.

She was the same height as the sisters’ five foot eight, leaving Ichi smaller by six inches. Her eyes shined a bright orange and her skin was a light tan making her darker than the sisters and Ichi. She also wore a headband under her chin-length, black hair along with plain white wrist-forearm guards each bearing the kanji for ‘Tsuruhime’ on the forearm. Unlike the rest she wore black shoes instead of sandals.
“Real shame for this guy,” Tsubame casually shrugged, “gets escorted by three beauties and can’t see any of them.”
“Don’t start the teasing,” Cecilia muttered.
“Am I wrong?”
“How many times have you been proven wrong,”
“Touche...” cutting herself off, Tsubame glanced over her shoulder to Natalia and Ichi. A smile had formed onto his face.
There are other ways to find out the beauty of things, but to Ichi his mind was elsewhere as he walked beside Natalia. Where was he going; what will the consequences be; how could he fix all that happened, and why was Kagerou there? All this going through his mind made him shiver. Seeing a change in Ichi, Natalia asked him about it.
A shadow loomed over his face as he said, “A lot is on my mind and it would be best to get this over and settled with as soon as possible.” “No need to get so hard on yourself it’s not like you’ve killed someone,” Natalia replied, softly. “besides it’s a tough place, and these things happen. Lucky for you, Senpai is not one to abuse!”

The walk for the most part was quiet. Little things said here and there, but not kept long. Orders were simple: Bring Ichi to this so called, ‘Senpai’
Soon enough they came to a shady, green building standing four floors and quite wide. It was the Detention/Interrogation station, where felons were brought in for questioning and to spend time. For Ichi it was one or both. Upon entering the building’s sliding doors, Ichi was met by the relaxing smell of incense burning. heading further in they entered a lobby; at one side was an occupied desk beside a guarded door, to the right there was two rows of seats and not far from it two tables with five chairs each, along with two other doors, one guarded, the latter not.
“Open up, stiff!” came a voice and a rapping behind the door. The guard rolled his eyes and slid the door open, letting two academy students in followed by another guard. The two students were messy with dust, and what looked like splattered blood. The two were known felons, Kaze Akuma and Renea Higurashi.
“Ah,” yawned Kaze stretching himself out, “two days in the hole was great!” Renea rolled her eyes and scoffed.
Kaze was dark in tan, and rather tall. Clearly from his build he was sculpted through some rough times, with toned muscles and fading scars. His hair, a faded green, only reached to his shoulders and was just as messy.
Done stretching, he looked to the four before him. “Just who I wanted to see-” Before taking a step, he halted with a hiss. Renea kept him back with a pinch to his side. Drawing back her hand she told him that she had had enough, and should leave it for later. Rubbing his side, he kept back from the four.
“Better listen to her, Akuma,” said Tsubame, crossing her arms. A leer formed in his silver eyes, as he retorted, “I haven’t got much to do, for now.” The two stared each other down, while the others around them went about their business. Natalia brought Ichi over to a table and they both sat down, Cecilia went off to sit alone in a row chairs. The two guards returned to their post, and slid the door closed.
Renea was at the counter filling out a form.
Six inches smaller than Kaze, her hair of strawberry blonde fell to her mid-back, and much to her dismay was unkempt. A rough beauty with pale white skin that was both soft and toned. She also kept her eyes hidden with a pair of blue lenses shades.
Having been in this building with Kaze for two days of punishment have left their mark. Sure they got food and water, but it couldn’t accommodate for the fact neither got to bathe and they had to deal with all the punks they got in a fight with. Gang members of all kinds in the academy; big names, no names, brawlers, bone breakers, name it they have it.
Renea signed the form for both her and Kaze. Receiving the stamp of approval from the woman behind the counter, she was handed two zanpakuto’s.
Breaking the silence between the two, Tsubame sighed.
“Keep out of the fights and there won’t be anymore trouble,”
“Bah, why do you guys give a damn about the academy?” smirked Kaze.
“Someone’s gotta keep things in check,”
“Uh-huh, as if anything here means a damn in the Seireitei,” a flash appeared in Kaze’s eyes as he boasted, “I say, let’s all have a brawl and all those still standing, pass the test into the Seireitei!”
All eyes looked to him, except Renea and Ichi.
Kaze took in the silence with an air of win, crossing his arms chuckling. “That’s right, and I’m not alone on this. Sure it may leave many with broken bodies and may have severe results-but in the long run, it gives motivation for others to stand up and be the best of the best!”
The silence continued till Renea held up Kaze’s zanpakuto and flung it into his gut. “Dammit Kaze, that’s the stupidest thing you said all day!” shouted Renea, as she put her zanpakuto into her obi. Kaze snarled as he picked up his blade and put into his obi. Looking up with a crazed look in his eye, he shot back. “So you wanna do this here and now, eh! Hitting me where I’m still sore is gonna cost ya.”
“You should’ve kept your mouth shut,”
“Oh like you weren’t interested in the idea,”
“I wasn’t open to it you, moron!”
“Not what you said the other day.”
“Dammit all-”
The two continued to bicker and bicker.
As that went on Tsubame left them to it and sat across from Ichi and Natalia. Shaking her head with a sigh, Tsubame looked to a window and then back to Ichi. Ichi asked curiously, “So… What’s going on here?” “Well, Kaze’s stubborn and wants to do things his way and Renea’s the only one that seems to slap some sense into him.” answered Tsubame, glancing at the duo.
“That don’t sound too bad,”
“Least he’s got somebody to get him out of things.”
“However,” Natalia added with doubt. “she can snap just as well, if not worse!”
“They balance it out, almost like a couple!” Ichi giggled quietly.
Renea and Kaze finally came to a stalemate, staring each other down. One could literally feel the flames surging around them. Kaze gave a deep sigh and then looked over to where Tsubame sat down. A grin crossed his lips once more, and upon approaching them he noticed the little one beside Natalia. Renea palmed her face with annoyance and followed him.
“Say who’s this cutie, Tsubame?” he asked pointing to Ichi.
“Ichi Minamoto: brought in for questioning. And please refer to it as a boy.
“Heh, still cute though. Must be rough with looks like that, I dare say you guys got competition.”
“Say what,” Tsubame snapped.
“Whoa ho! That’s a first for me.”
Renea rolled her eyes and turned to leave and announced she was leaving. Kaze followed saying his goodbyes, but Tsubame told him to beat it. Natalia laughed softly seeing Tsubame’ face go red, even Ichi chuckled at her tone of embarrassment. But before the two left, Renea looked back at Ichi. With a shrug she looked away saying, “Cutie my ass…”
“You have an ass?” retorted Kaze with a slight smirk. Looking over her shoulder, a teasing smile formed on her lips, as she remarked, “Enough to bring tears!” Thus the two went off leaving the building with another figure standing by the doorway. It let them pass, and watched them head out for a moment.
Having taken two strikes from Renea, Kaze was feeling alittle justified to get back. But how? Then his smirk grew into a grin. With chance on his side he picked up the pace, and coming up alongside her he took a quick, light slap across her soft, round behind. She yelped from the impact and her face grew red as he passed by.
Kaze kept on his way with a bit of a swagger in his steps, as he chuckled, “Payback, Little Fox~” Rubbing her bum, she pouted at that nick name. However she shook it off and ran after him with a little smile forming, knowing she would get back at him.

The door slid shut.

Then came the familiar sound of a thud followed by jingling in a certain rhythm. Ichi’s ears perked up and his face turned to the sound. A bead of sweat rolled down his face, and he felt a shiver crawl up his spine. As the rhythm came to an end, Tsubame and the twins stood up along with Ichi. A familiar voice than spoke, “Did he cause any mischief on the way here or in my absence?”
“None at all, Senpai.” answered all three.
“Ichi Minamoto, this is Grant Fenice-senpai.” announced Natalia.
The Blind and Escort
Hey I'm back! Six months and I've decided it was time to type the next chapter. Took quite awhile cause alot had happen in those six months, and I can say I will have more soon. Hopefully it won't cost so many months. Enjoy!


Grant Nisbet
United States
Heh, it makes me ponder why I haven't written something in long while. Well actually posted. Could it be hiatus, or could it simply be I have run out of ideas?

    From doing original works or way too many fan fictions. As much as they help me and explore my creative talents in wanting to some day make my own stories. I still feel that I barely have scratched the surface. My ideas are big, but my skills of writing are... Semi good and feel rather self taught with time. I spend more time reading books, that I've literally collected all my life and never thought once about reading. The minute I struck twenty I finally decided to just read all I could, and learn how to keep my creative juices flowing. 
    Twenty one is right around the corner on February. I used to have a lot of close friends who I could look up to and have many stories to make and write down with. Whether it be original or fan fiction we did it all and had fun. But... Unfortunately it all went to my head many times, and I felt as though I need to drill into peoples heads and be the head of it all. This was back in Junior and Senior year of high school.
    It's been three years since then and its been well quiet. One friend's life basically went for the worst, but has steadily brought himself back up. We talk hear and there about wanting to get back in the flow... but seeing how it's been for the most part I don't see it happening. The other spent two years homeless and no matter what he did, he always made the wrong choices and took advantage of the help he was getting. Almost had me go through mental breakdown and wanting to do... well I'll keep that quiet, but I'm glad he went and got help, and though I don't pray much I hope he makes it, and grows up a little.
    That said, I feel I have gotten lazy down the line. Thankfully I got a job, so I can do something and keep my brain working. However I feel that no matter what I want to write in a story, I always have to try it in a fan fiction which unfortunately becomes the main thing, and the original piece becomes lost in translation. I'm also pretty good with drawing and half the time half to make a drawing in order for me to tell a whole story from it. I originally came on here in fact to show off my drawing skills, but only did a few cause I'm terrible with taking a picture from a camera and uploading it onto here, which is sad cause I've gotten better and done more, and to be frank the old drawing I got on here are rather dated.
    A project I should do at some point.
    As of now I have been writing what I want to call an Omnibus of a bleach fan fiction. Having stories from my fiction, along with the fiction of co-authors and friends SOULWARRIOR23 and Sketchbooksaturday. The first series I wanted it to take place in the Soul Academy cause really who gave a damn about that place? As far as I know, nobody. So that place fair game for me, and I can do what I want, but also keeping some fair rules of bleach-verse that Tite Kubo made, (For lack there of.)
    So with my free range I decide that it takes 3 years prior to the Bleach canon series. For those who don't know, three years before Ichigo Kurosaki was even a thing, (In all honesty I don't care about Ichigo!) Having this be an omnibus I needed a center character in this vast many of them, of which I'm still building. And seeing how I have done fan fiction with a good amount of my other characters, one always stood out as the throw in character who never really got touched on. That was Ichi Minamoto.
    As a fan of the blind swordsmen Zatoichi, and growing fan of the book, The Tale of Genji. I designed him from the two main characters of these's stories. Ichi from Zatoichi, and Hikaru Genji from the obvious. But from there that's all he really was in the beginning, a fan-service character if you will, that my character Kirie Tachibana falls deeply in love with and eventually he falls too. That was two years ago, and... Yeah it was funny back then, but I just felt it was wrong of me to make him just a throw in character. Though without saying I always liked keeping the factor of how he was not easy to read, and he could be a very strong fighter when need be.
    And so with that he became the central character, though I tell the story sometimes in different points of time where he may not there, it how ever leads up eventually to where he'll be. I also chose him, because of the factor of how it's difficult to play a blind person where it could be real, and yet not too real. Now I know bleach already has a blind character named Tousen, but really people sit back and think about how far is he really blind. He does nearly everything like one would do if they could see, hell he friggen used a pair of binoculars for Christ sake! It happened to be a serious moment too, and yet... How the hell could nobody in that scene have cracked a joke?!
    But I digress from that. Bleach has it's logic and jokes, and then you have my logic and jokes. Along with pointless plots, looking at you Central 46. Having a purpose makes you one thing, but how about having a personality or at least a character we can look at and have an opinion for. We get neither, instead it's a pointless group of people handing out orders, and when they die off that's all they were, and when new members come in it's the same old gig. What hell are they really there for, quite honestly Head Captain Yamamoto, (Clearly a Shogun) has done and shown plenty that he has done well on his own, and is no way some figure head of power like the Central.
    That out of my system.
    There is a lot of characters I've going to have in this series. Seeing that the soul academy will be the first for, hmm, I don't know how long but it's a start. Two, three, maybe five arc at best. Right now I'm stuck between two chapters one I was going to do before, but decided to let it sit for the next chapter I'm writing. A some what look back into the events leading during the first chapter, which would lead into the latest chapter.
    Guess I did it by the fact that I made the last chapter rather dark, and introduced an antagonist. Will he be minor or prove to be a lead, I'm not too sure. Though I'm glad to have re-introduced the character, who's initials are J.K.G another character I just made and threw into fan fiction without much thought. She only had two stories prior to this. The first I liked rather well and others did too, the second, I think it could have been better.
    Her character is a bit on the neutral ground as of now. Seeing how I made not all that interested in what was going on in the last chapter. Only attacking Ichi simply having been provoked, or was it by order? Ah shit now I'm confused... Heh, well there's also the problem of why I'm not exploring the soul academy as much? Well to answer that to any who even wanted to ask, I'll simply say this: Being that i'm a stranger in this world I rely on my characters to introduce me to it. Seeing how Ichi is rather a loner, and blind he's like me, barely knows where he's going or half the time forgets where he's at, keeping a smile and loving the trail he takes. 

Just felt like writing something down and well speaking my mind. Feels good to do even when I should be getting back to my writing of stories!
  • Listening to: Dmitri Shostakovich Waltz no.2
  • Reading: The Divine Comedy
  • Watching: Earthsea Mini-series
  • Drinking: water

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