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The Blind in the Storm
by ilduceGN
A Bleach Fanfic

A flash of lightning lit the room. In those moments of light appeared three shady figures. Hospital room twelve, occupied by only one patient: Kirie Tachibana.
“Scheduled to leave tomorrow morning, eh?” whispered the lead, with a tone of annoyance. His face shown from the brief light, was rather rough. Hair was a mess, on his chin was some stubble, and he had narrow side burns. He also had eyes of black, with lids half shut almost going to sleep.
The one to his left whispered back, pointing to Kirie with insult, “Bah, little brat ain’t going nowhere.” This one’s face was hidden away by a veil. Obviously it was smart to hide it’s identity. Meanwhile the third of three, remained by the door. All that could be seen was it’s silhouette.
The one wearing the veil told the man, he called Miroko, what needed to be done. Between the two they whispered with a certain view of distrust. Being that each came from the big two. The one in the veil, Miroko called Torakichi, was part of the Opal Tigers; while Miroko was part of the Emerald Hannyas. While the third remain silent.
“So our leader’s have come to an agreement.” said Miroko.
“Apparently so,” nodded Torakichi
“So what’s stopping us?”
Torakichi looked to the floor and snorted. Looking back to Miroko he brought out a tanto from his top.
“I just… damn it, I can’t take the life of someone like this!” grumbled Torakichi, crossing his arms. Miroko sighed shaking his head, and third just shrugged.
“You and your damn theatrics.”
“If one dare’s insult me and my group, they should be met in battle not murdered in their sleep.”
“Tch, law is law. Do you think the higher up give a damn if another student dies. If that were true, then these gangs would not be still running.”
The two got into a stare down, remained quiet for sometime. Only two beds away from Kirie’s and yet things seemed so far. The silent one, remained at it’s post, but was near the point of rolling it’s head. Trying not to fall asleep.
Finally the two shrugged, and turned to Kirie. Both crept their way to her, and Torakichi handed the knife over to Miroko. Taking it, he told Torakichi to take the front.
Kirie lay lightly snoring with her face to the ceiling. From the shoulders down she was hidden in her covers. Off somewhere in her dreams, not knowing that shadowy hands were nearly upon her.
He took hold.
All took a tumble, and Kirie awoke in darkness. The air was thin, and surrounded with warm. When trying to move in this claustrophobic place, she found herself folded into a ball. That’s when she realised that this dark cozy place was really the comforter.
Torakichi kept his hands tight around the ends of the comforter like an unclosed sack. When he hoisted it up on his shoulder, immediately he was met with Kirie shuffling in the bag. Cursing with a grumble he turned to Miroko, who simply pointed to a corner of the room. He nodded, as the shuffling became more frantic and Kirie started blurting words.
“What’s going on here,” muffled her demands, “let me out. Who are you, and what are you doing!” She began banging around in the comforter and as Torakichi walked, he felt every bit of it. As he came to the corner he was struck in the head from a lump in the bag.
“That’s it!”
Torakichi swung the bag off his shoulder and slammed the comforter on the ground hard. Then dragged and repeated it two more times, till her complaints went silent. Breathing with adrenaline, he calmed himself, while keeping his grip tight on the end. Miroko and the silent one at the door, just stared stupidly.
Sore with pain all over, Kirie kept herself in the fetal position. Her arms, and the comforter kept the damage to her head to a minimum. However the tight fit was now beginning to bug her, along with the air being so thin. This was no longer a game. As far as all things go her life was now in their hands.
Then lightning lit up the room again.
Followed by the roar of thunder.
Kirie’s eyes went wide, and her heart stopped for a mere-second. 3. 2. 1. Her mouth flung open and and she screamed. Rolling about she did everything to find a way out. Punching, kicking, clawing anything to get out. It did not matter if Torakichi was holding the bag with all his might, or the fact that Miroko drew near with the knife. All that matter was to escape the sound of thunder.

Miroko knelt down and took a stab, punching through the comforter. However he only hit the floor. “Hold her good, Tora.” said Miroko, with a hint of delight in his voice. Tora looked away, as he grabbed her, by what felt like her skull and held her to the wall. Closing his eyes all he could think of was how to apologize for this.
Miroko took aim, with a thirst for blood smirk. Kirie’s muffled whimpers and screams, and her constant throwing about, could not send him off his aim. A simple pleasure he was granted every so few times to have. Now was time to add another number in his count of forty-nine. He thrusted forth.
The door swung open, halting his thrust.
The third in the group was sent running and lost footing. Taking one of the beds with it.
All went silent.
Miroko and Torakichi looked to the door. There with the light coming in from behind it, stood a figure with a high-ponytail, and a cane before it. “My, what a storm? Seems everybody’s quite jumpy.” said Ichi, as lighting flickered outside the window, and revealed his smiling face.
The thunder came once more, and Kirie muffled a shriek, but Torakichi quickly covered her mouth. However no matter what he did, her arms and legs would not stop flailing. Miroko rose up, with the blade behind his back. Caught in a real pickle he was, but then he got a better look.
He then chuckled a bit, and spoke, “Well, well… it’s been a while, Michio.” Ichi tilted his head a little, recognizing that name and the voice. “Booze and sweat,” Ichi frowned with disgust, “I could never forget it, Kagerou.”
“Heh, don’t give me that shit. Pretty boy.” he chuckled, seeing the third member get back up. With light in the room, it was revealed to be a girl. She was rubbing her head and navel, when she looked back to see who sent her crashing. Hissing a groan, she turned on a dime and brought her hand to her shoulder. But Kagerou halted her from attacking.
“What are the odds…” sighed Ichi, tapping his cane. “a year has passed since I left, and here we meet again.”
“Miroko, you know this guy?” asked Torakichi.
“Let’s just say were acquainted.”
Ichi stopped tapping his cane, and rubbed his eyes.
It was in that silence he heard something out of place. A muffled voice, and something bustling about on the floor. Kagerou looked back to Torakichi, who was still trying to keep Kirie down. However it got worse for him, when Kirie managed to bite his hand through the comforter. Torakichi held back his voice, as he began beating her over the head.
Sweat trickled down Kagerou’ brow as he turned from the scene, but flinched when he saw Ichi standing before him. So swift and silent, he didn’t hear him coming. “Hmm, is there something wrong, Kagerou?” asked Ichi as the lighting flickered. Kagerou and the girl both felt a shiver crawl up their spines upon looking at those eyes.
Time to act.
Kagerou threw the knife and the girl drew her sword. Ichi tried to strafe out of the way, but it struck into his left shoulder. He then jolted forth into the girls strike, If she were taller he probably would have struck the navel, but instead he struck into her head. Carried by the impact both took a tumble into the fallen bed.
Kagerou quickly ran to the window and smashed it out. Calling for everyone to leave, he hopped out into the rainy night. Torakichi seeing all that was going on, finally got his hand out of Kirie’s mouth. Seeing that Ichi and the girl were grappling to and throw and bashing up the place. “Ja Kay Gee, let’s go!” he ordered, while dragging Kirie.
She rolled up to him, and growled, “Go on, I’ll catch up!” Ichi stumbled up, looking to where he heard the voices. With a growl he drew out the knife from his shoulder, “Kagerou…!” Throwing it aside he drew his sword and charged. Ja Kay Gee was gonna charge, but Torakichi shoved her aside as he threw the bag at Ichi.
It collided with Ichi, and he flew straight back to the wall. His body left a good dent, and he slumped over from the impact. “Strike!” Torakichi whooped. He then hoisted Ja Kay Gee over his shoulder and ran as fast as he could, while she complained into the storm.

The thunder rolled, and the bag rolled about under Ichi’s grasp. Punching, kicking, and screaming Kirie finally rolled out of the comforter. Hair all wild and static, eyes wide and pinkish with tears. She felt bruised all over, and her heart was pounding like wild.
The room was wrecked. Beds tossed over; windows smashed, blood drops here and there on the floor along with a tanto fresh from striking. When she turned around seeing where the blood trail led she saw a shadow slumped over on the floor. Fresh with adrenaline and fear, she grabbed the tanto and ran back to the shadow. Grabbing by the collar she dragged it out of the corner and tossed it into the light.
Kill it, kill it!
She trembled at what had happened tonight. It dared to happen again. A storm had come, and with it people tried to kill her. Haunting her since she was four, the nightmare was alive. Though this was not what haunted her, this person dared to do it.
She pounced onto Ichi’s chest, and stared at the pale face. Her golden eyes burned with tears, and her breath hissed with anger. She could hear people coming, seems the alarm was sounded. But she did not care, dangling the tanto at Ichi’s neck, she marked where to strike.
Slightly unconscious from the blows to the head. Ichi ears ached with the sound of constant pinging, and his heart beat. The sting in his shoulder, chest and face only added to it. But his breathing was slightly labored by the weight on him. It was light, but also uncomfortable in the state he was in. He was also beginning to recognize the trembling voice over him, as the pinging was leaving.
“Think it’s funny-to sneak in during a storm!” Kirie fidgeted, as she raised the blade. “All of ya, just left us-He and they came for us-all of them dead-it’s all at his feet!”
Ichi face moved slightly with a groan, and his eyes fluttered.
“Can’t trust anyone… They all fear him, and do what He says!” she continued, with eyes glazing over. “And now-other’s want to follow his way. He too got to you-” She cut herself off, and came down for Ichi’s throat.
Suddenly the lights went on.
Kirie screamed in horror, throwing the tanto into the air and ran covering her eyes. Tripping over the comforter, she banged her head on the floor. Whimpering and shivering all over she simply rolled up into the comforter and curled up into a ball, as if to hide herself from it all.
Those who came into the room simply stared, jaw gaping at whatever happened. Among them was Grant Fenice, and seeing the little episode of Kirie’s panic attack, he looked down at the bleeding Ichi with a single glaring eye.
The Blind in the Storm
A whole month on hiatus for just this one... What the heck?! Well to be fair, it went through some changes, I got a job, and Halloween was on the mind. I wanted to add a dark element into this one, and perhaps it worked but for the most part alot was on the mine. Hopefully I can recover from this, and make another chapter. How my minds working again, I have high hopes. So give a read and comment, or simply pass on by. 
The Blind and Crimson
by ilduceGN
A Bleach Fanfic

Five days after the fight

Crimson red hair hung breezing over his eyebrows. One red eye and one green eye stared at the sky. Watching the grey clouds roll in. The sun lay in a clearing, shining on his pale tanned skin. “Storm is coming…” he muttered, quietly. “a battle too!”
Bringing a hand to his chin, he rubbed it with ponder. What could the battle be about? Where and when would it happen, would he be a part of it; all peaked his interest. When suddenly a soft voice came to his ear, forcing him to scream. Hopping forward he turned swiftly to the voice with readied fist.
He saw a hazy sight of a figure standing two inches smaller than him, with long black hair. It’s eyes were like glowing rubies, and it’s face was rather beautiful. However the redhead was not calmed by this, and he said, “How did you find me, Yuko! Please leave me be!” “You okay?” asked the voice one more, with confusion. The red’s sight began to blur and his body shivered with sweat, and shut his eyes.
After rubbing them, he re-opened his eyes to see that the figure was gone.
Now standing before him, was a figure standing four inches smaller than him. Hair black and blue, tied into a high ponytail, with the bangs hiding the eyes. Seeing the face he was struck through the heart, by it’s beauty. She then spoke again, with calm and soothing voice, “Is something wrong? Who is Yuko?” Relieved to find this was not Yuko, but something better he forgot what he was pondering about.
Little did he know that this girl was actually a boy. Ichi to be exact.
The redhead lowered his hands, with a sigh, “Thank goodness!” “Hmm?” pondered Ichi, with a tilt of his head. The redhead rubbed the back of his neck, and said, “Sorry for a second there I thought you were Yuko Hashiba. This is my only free time, where I can get away from her.” “Never heard of her, is something wrong about her?” Ichi asked, curiously. The red simply shivered, “She’s a mystery that is best left alone.”
“Never mind.”
“So what you doing around here?”
“Well I’m glad you asked, see… I seemed to have forgotten where the hospital is.”
“Yeah, ha ha…” he giggled embarrassingly, while tapping his cane, “Tends to happen, ya see.”
“Ha ha, no shame there. I got free time so I’ll take ya.”
“Thanks! Um…”
“Oh yeah, the names James Ichimaru.”
Ichi raised his his cane and James took a hold of it and began walking as the guide. Ichi also introduced himself, and surprisingly James did not know him. Guess it’s a good thing on his part, but unfortunately James still saw him as a she.

Holding the cane, and walking beside this beauty. James kept his cool, and felt quite confident. But what to talk about and how to not make it weird? James ponder on what to say since they had been quiet for about a two minutes.
“So hey, you come here often?” he started, casually. She replied, “When I get free time, and classes are done.” “Same here. ‘cept I tend to do it to keep away from Yuko.” he chuckled. She asked with slight smile, “Why is that?” James went quiet for a time giving it thought.
A slight blush was forming on his face, when he replied, “Well… Not gonna lie, I like her and think she’s beautiful in her own way but… Under that cute and aloof demeanor I feel like she’s hiding something really frightening.” “Judging from your voice, and the grip on my cane. She sounds quite mysterious and quite a scary woman.” giggled Ichi, slightly.
“Woman? Please she ain’t that old.”
“Nah, she’s young. About our age I’d say.”
“And yet she still can give you creeps.”
“Oi, don’t joke about that. Go meet her and she’ll make you scream like a little girl.”
“Heh ha ha! Being blind has it’s benefits once again.”
“Tch… Then you got Fushi Shikima.”
“Never heard of her either.”
“Oh trust me, the very name should strike fear.”
“I swear Yuko and her, come from the same family. Only Fushi is far worse.” said James, with his hand trembling on the cane.
The two continued went on with their conversation. As things were said, even Ichi began to have a tremble in his grip, plus the image in his mind of these two girls only made it worse. Up in the sky the sun was now blocked out by the grey clouds. Stretching far and wide the clouds came with the presence of another nearing James and Ichi.
Ichi tilt his head, with awkward stare to James. James look to him with a lifted brow, and asked, “Something wrong?” “You said, your last name is, Ichimaru. Any relations to one named, Gin Ichimaru?” replied Ichi. James gave a laugh rubbing his neck, “Heh, I guess you got me. Sure were related in one way, but I’d guess you could say I’m a nephew.” “Ah.” Ichi nodded his head.
The quiet returned as the clouds finally covered the sky.
James looked up to see the clouds, and groaned. Ichi looked up with ponder, and sniffed the air. Cold with the scent of moisture. “Storm coming, eh?” asked Ichi. James agreed, “I had a feelin’. Good thing we're not far.”
Ichi gave sighed with a smile. James chuckled a little from seeing her cute smile again. All was good, when things were slowly getting foggy. Both kept on their way when James began hearing things. As if someone was following them.
He looked around casually but saw nobody. The fog was now getting slightly more and more thicker. Soon enough James had a hard time seeing where he was going, and kept a tight grip on the cane. Ichi could hear the sounds too, and they were getting closer. Foot steps, light, calm and relaxed they sounded.
Through the cold, moist air a new smell drifted passed Ichi’s nose. A light and sweet fragrance, like no flower he’s ever come across. There was also a chilling feel creeping up his spine. Something was just not right in this fog. James and Ichi’s hearts began to beat faster, as they both tried to keep themselves from shivering.
The footsteps were now very close, and growing louder. James was now looking around more frequently, and Ichi’s hand was fiddling down to the head. So if things went far he would have a quick draw slash ready. James drew slightly closer to Ichi, with the need to be strong. Both narrowed their eyes, with the intent to protect.
Then James came to a stop. Looking to the ground he found a kiseru pipe, lying up still smoking. Only it wasn't smoke coming out of the pipe, it was the very fog swirling around them. Quite a very odd thing. As he went to grab it, the footsteps stopped. Everything was quiet between Ichi and James.
Both took their guard standing back to back. Ichi kept his cane close, and slightly drew his zanpakuto. James kept his hand near the hilt of his blade, waiting for something to happen. Suddenly a voice said, “Quite a couple.” Both James and Ichi screamed in terror dropping their guard turning to where the voice came from.

The air filled with giggling and a figure came into view before them. Both their eyes opened wide, but only James saw who it was. What he saw made his eyes twitch with anger. It was the figure from before he met Ichi. The one he called, Yuko.
She was dressed in academy robes of white and red. Her skin was like the moon, her slick black hair falling to her hips. And she gazed upon the two, with narrow ruby red eyes.
“Damn, she found me.” growled James, palming his face. Ichi turned to him, surprised, “Wait that’s her?” Yuko came closer, giggling with the attention. She also had an open umbrella overhead. “Hey Ichimaru,” she waved, “finally find ya, and what do I find? You got yourself another toy!”
“Oi, it’s not like that?” James spat out, with flaring eyes.
“Uh huh,”
“Just being a guide to the hospital.”
“Tee hee, never thought you be so taboo.”
“Wha.. How.. What the heck did you say?”
“I said,” she pointed to Ichi, “that’s not a girl.”
James’ jaw dropped, and he fell over dumbfounded. Yuko smirked as she walked over James, and passed by Ichi. Ichi slightly amused, and a bit offended by how people still saw him as a girl just laughed.
Yuko came across the pipe and picked it up. Almost immediately the fog coming from it, all swirled back into it, leaving the place clear. Sensing the difference in the air, Ichi asked, “Hey, what happened?” “It’s a simple trick from my pipe. No I don’t smoke, but I can use kido and a bit of incense to create this fog.” Yuko informed with glee. James got back up, with his face beet red.
“Seriously Minamoto, your a guy!” he shouted out of disbelief.
“Oh for the love of…” groaned Ichi. “Take a look, dummy!”
With that Ichi opened his top to show of his chest. James took a step back, and Yuko appeared beside him, peeking at that slim athletic build.
“Quite a catch, Jimmy.” remarked Yuko.
“Shove it, she’s just hasn’t bloomed yet.” denied James, averting his eyes. Ichi covered himself again, and growled. Yuko just shook her head laughing at the absurdity going on. Prowling around to find James, while catching him in the act of sexual confusion between whether Ichi was a guy or a girl. “Ah, what a day.” she thought.
“Ah well guys, lets be off. Don’t want get caught in the rain.” she said, over the two’s bickering. However they did not listen, until a crack of thunder was heard overhead and the rain came down. Silenced by it Ichi lifted his cane, and Yuko took a hold of it. Both under the umbrella, and heading their way James followed outside. A cold shower to chill his rising heat.
Almost to the hospital.
There was room enough for three under Yuko’s umbrella, but every time she cooed for James to come under, he remained silent. So the three continued on quietly. The sound of rain, tapping above them, was quite peaceful.
“So, pretty boy.” asked Yuko, casually, “What d’you need down at the hospital?” Ichi replied with a sigh, “Nothing really, just going to see someone.” Yuko gave it a moment and kept on walking. Even James scooted in under the umbrella. Five foot two on left, five foot four in the middle, and five foot six on the right; all by two.
Yuko then added, “Friend or foe?” Ichi gave it some thought. James leaned in a bit to hear, since he had nothing better to do.
“Neutral, I just feel I should go see her.” he shrugged.
“Oooh, have you got a soft spot for her?”
“Well… No, considering I put her in there.”
“Jeesh dude, what the hell!” James jumped in with a glare. Yuko on the other hand, rolled her eyes.
“Oh hey, you acknowledged I’m a guy!”
“Can it you tease… How dare you smack a girl around.”
“I did not! It was an arena fight, that I got shoved into. Plus she gave me just as bad as a whoopin!”
The bickering commenced again, between the two. Yuko simply kept her cool, and zoned out. It was too much fun to watch a pretty boy, and a crimson fire head get into an argument.
Soon things came to a cool, and both came to an agreement. Ichi sighed deeply, “Alright are we clear on this?” “Yeah we’re clear.” he sighed and then smirked, “Though how you said it, I’d like to have a go at this Kirie.” Yuko then interrupted, “Well that’s all fine and dandy, but you see. We have other business to attend to, James.” “Wait we're already here?” replied James, with surprise.
The three were standing right in front of the doors to the hospital. All in all it took an hour.
Ichi snorted, “What other business does he have?” “A visit with Fushi, of course.” Yuko grinned, with James’ groan of denial. But his groan went higher as Yuko stepped on his foot. James howled and then bit his lip, “Jeesh Yuko, I was kidding!” “Hmph, hard to tell.” she said, without a care. She then took his hand and dragged him off.
Ichi just shook his head, “Another day and more weirdos flock to me. Well… I guess it’s not so bad.” With a sigh, he smiled again and entered the hospital.
The Blind and Crimson
Again I waste a whole week to put this up, even as it's finished. At least it's done, and I'm working on the next chapter. I don't have much to say about this one. Other than take a read and comment if you like, or just go your way. haha Oh and just for the record, it's been five days since Ichi's duel with Kirie. It's only been one day since his fight with Ibiki. Just solving if anybody got confused.

James Ichimaru belongs to SOULWARRIOR23.
The Blind and the Blonde
by ilduceGN
A Bleach Fanfic

The Blonde flew into the evading stands. The room filled with cheers and booing. After so many he was finally beaten. Ibiki Mitarashi the Blonde, beaten by the little glaring eye’d Kirie. Quite embarrassing and yet what a thrill!
Picking himself up with the aid of some other students, he glanced back at Kirie with a distasteful dusting of his robes. Curling a smirk back at him, her eyes stared back at his deep blue one’s. Then with an underhand toss, his zanpakuto flew from her hand into the air. Heading for him, he reached out with his right and caught it in mid-air. A silent end to their fight done smoothly by a student who only had one arm.
Sliding the blade into the sheath behind his left shoulder, tied to his back by a cord. He walked off with a scowl and three others followed him. “Well fought Kirie,” thought Ibiki, making his way through the stands. “but don’t let yourself get cocky. Cause it will only make your fall all the more painful. Might as well lose to a blind man!”
On his way out he was so irritated that he shoved a student out of his way, down the stairs. Not knowing that by the next morning, he would be hearing that a blind man had defeated her.

Four days after the fight, they met once more.

Ichi was taking a stroll around the academy. It was again a nice sunny day, but with some clouds here and there this time. Things were peaceful as usual and he was on his own to do what he want. However throughout the day he could feel as though a presence was watching him. Not the typical glance and stare, no, these eyes had weight in their gaze.
From behind and ahead of him, figures were watching. Three from behind; two in blue one in red, each wearing a yellow hachimaki. Ahead was a building not in use at the time, but on the patio stood and sat many in blue and red. At least five in blue in and same with red, all but one are wearing a yellow hachimaki. Thirteen students and Ibiki was one of them.
Drinking water from a cup, his blue eyes watched Ichi draw near. His hair falling just above the shoulder was lifted slightly by the gentle breeze. Glancing to one of the men following Ichi, he noticed a nod and he nodded back. Putting down the cup, he stood up at a height of five foot six and the others who were sitting took a stand with him. “Oi,” he spoke up, “You there with the cane!”
Ichi halted and moved his head about to where the sound came, and replied, “Need something?” “You're quite something, really! I must admit not every day does one’s idea slip their mind and whoosh, it appears!” chuckled Ibiki with a slight smile. Ichi lifted his head confused as to who and what this guy was talking about. But he smiled anyway at the thoughtful compliment.
“Well aren't you nice, though what are you talking about?” asked Ichi.
“Heh, not one to boast. Just like they said.”
“Boy to have left the arena defeated, and to wake up the next day hearing you beat her.”
“Oh that fight. Well it’s all behind me now. Ha ha.”
“To think I thought about Kirie getting so cocky that she would lose to a blind man was just a joke, then just as I head out I shove one right into the ring!”
Ibiki just laughed shaking his head and palming his face. However Ichi just frowned at him, now knowing he was the one started this whole thing. Ibiki’s laugh came to an end and he cleared his throat, as he looked back to Ichi.
“Sorry about that, I’m just surprised that a joke can come true.” sighed Ibiki. Ichi only returned a snort as he tapped his cane. Shaking his head and taking a step forth Ibiki introduced himself, “Say, my names Ibiki Mitarashi, and I wanna ask of your approval?” “Ichi Minamoto, what do you want my approval for?” asked Ichi, with a curious lift of his brow.
Now re-introduced Ibiki smiled and rubbed his chin as he got Ichi’s attention. He then explained that he was the leader of a gang called the Yellow Haze: made up simply of thirteen members and their motive of forming up is to keep the peace in the academy. Organized gangs in the Soul Academy was nothing new, simply just a thing for students to get together and have fun, but also to keep one safe. The leaders of the academy never really paid it any mind, unless things got rough. But it was rare that anything really got big.
In fact the Yellow Haze was formed after the first five members broke off from one of the big two. The Opal Tigers and the Emerald Hannyas; they came from the first. Ibiki broke away for seeing how over time the gang would abuse their own simply on a whim, and sometimes students would go missing both from the gang and outside. Also for a personal reason. Some of the others joined after leaving from the Emerald Hannyas, and it was just as bad from that side.
Finishing up the offer, Ibiki expressed his interest with Ichi and his skills. He even said, that he dueled Kirie simply on a bet, to bring her onto their side. Three days of meeting in the arena simply to obtain Kirie’s approval, which unfortunately failed.

“So you see, we need more followers like you.” Ibiki nearly finished, “Your skills and swift precision would be feared among the gangs once you were on our side. So please give it thought.” He finished speaking and stopped not far from Ichi. The quiet returned and all that was heard was the breeze in the air, and a small coughing from behind Ichi. The one’s who had followed Ichi were now near him. Ichi was silent in thought, keeping his cane planted in the ground.
“Quick question?” perked Ichi.
“Go ahead.”
“You're telling me you actually went up to Kirie and had a conversation?”
“Yeah I know, rather tricky to be honest!”
“How did you?”
“Well after seeing her do all those fights in the arena, me and the gang went to seek her out.”
“Seems legit.”
“Catching her while on her free time was harder than we thought…”
“I know right! How can somebody wearing a pink scarf be hard to find!”
“I wouldn't know?” shrugged Ichi, with a smile. Catching a giggle from the girl behind him. Ibiki rolled his eyes and continued, “Anyway after two days somebody finally found her and I rushed over to meet her.”
“How’d it go?”
“Well… Let’s just say she was a little more chilled out in the beginning.”
“That’s good. Does she happened to be in any gangs?”
“No, none of the gangs here. She frankly said, ‘I’m already in a group, but nothing like the low brow Tigers and Hannyas.’ So… that was a start.”
“Hmm, she does have that air of pride about her.”
“So I informed her on this… Hey wait, I already told you this!”
“I know I just wanted to know how she acted to the whole thing.”
“Well let’s just say it’s cute when she’s not fighting, but those eyes… barely soften.”
That having been said, things went quiet again. Nothing else was spoken between Ichi and Ibiki for sometime. Seeing how it was the three behind Ichi began playing rock paper scissors. The others in the building began talking to one another, and few of them even fell asleep.
More time passed.
Strands of sweat began leaking down Ibiki’s face. The score on the three behind Ichi was, 3-4-6. The second boy seemed to be in the lead, which was really ticking of the first. The girl on the other hand just laughed. Ichi sighed after a long time of thinking, and looked back to Ibiki. Ibiki gulped with anticipation of his answer.
“Sorry, but I refuse your offer.” pardoned Ichi. Ibiki was rather quiet when it was said, but he replied, “I see.” With that Ichi took his leave, strafing to his right and then turning he walked past the others. There game had ended and the three looked back to their leader. Ibiki’s eyes were closed and his hand had clenched into a fist.
The three then looked to others and gave a wave, signaling them all to get ready. Ibiki’s eyes flared open and he snapped his fingers. As if to say, “If he won’t join, will make him!” Thus they leaped into action and went after Ichi. Drawing their swords they all drew near.
Ichi’s ears perked up, and and he turned swiftly taking a stance. As the blades came down, he quickly drew from his sheath blocking the strike. Then he pressed hard into the defense, knocking guards up. Then he a twirled to the side, and swat his sheath into the face of two others. Sending them off their feet, he ducked from a slash to his waist, and back into a girl’s center.
She didn’t even have the chance to gasp as she felt a back-jab of his sheath into her gut. Darting forth he ran between four other with a spiraling slash. Nothing fatal but enough to take them down swiftly. Actually through this whole fight he never did a fatal strike. After what felt like a few seconds was merely two minutes of Ichi taking down all of the gang.
He did receive slashes to his clothing and scratch here and there on his face, chest, and back. As of now the others who were still standing kept their distance. Ichi remained in his half-crouched stance with his blade pointing out and the sheath close to his body. “Very good Minamoto.” remarked Ibiki, “Your swiftness of the blade is something to behold!” Ichi huffed, “Don’t praise me, I gave you my answer and i’m not joining. If you wanna fight, do it!”
Mitarashi smirked, and drew his blade. “Alright. You have your handicap, and I have mine. Let’s do this! One arm vs Blindness!” Thus he flew up into the air and came down for Ichi. Taking a swing, the blind blocked the strike but received a kick to the face. Ichi stumbled a few steps to the side but caught himself with his sheath. Hearing the blonde coming in for a strike, he kicked up some dust with the sheath, sending for Ibiki sights.
Blocking his sight he strafed out of the way, only to meet Ichi head butt him in the chest. Knocking the wind out of his chest, Ibiki stumbled back swiftly missing the swing of Ichi’s sheath. Ichi came in with another spin strike, but Ibiki shot up his blade. The blades clashed and both held their ground. The blondes harsh eyes of blue stared into the now open slits of Ichi’s whites.
The wind grew more brisk, and the reishi levels between the two began to rise. It even frightened the onlookers. They then broke from each other and took a run, clashing blades here and there. Ibiki swung his blade followed second by a kick. Ichi blocked the first strike and ducked under the kick.
He then jabbed his sheath forth for Ibiki’s gut. But he counter the sheath to the ground and shot a strike for Ichi’s face. Dodging his head to the left, Ichi smacked his arm up swatting the other’s arm into the air, and took a slash for the face. However the blonde was too quick, and leaped into a back flip. Ichi quickly returned to his stance, while Ibiki landed with his blade held out to one side.
The final charge.
The two did not move and inch from where they were. Ten feet apart at least. Non-moving like stone they stayed motionless both staring at each other. Both breaking a sweat, and breathing swiftly.
The onlookers who were good with kido began using it to heal their fallen members. Daring not to intervene. Even the wind had calmed it’s breeze. The clouds two even remained parted for the sun to shine on the two combatants. Everything had become quiet once more.
A minute or two had passed. Still nothing had moved. The other members of the gang who were now healed managed to sit up and watch the seconds go by. Ibiki spat on the ground with a glare, and took another stance. Placing foot forth, and pointing his left shoulder to Ichi. He also raised the blade over his head with the back end facing his opponent.
Ichi as well changed up his stance. Crouching a bit more, with one leg forth and apart from the other. He also put the blade halfway into its sheath, and held it close to his body. The final charge was near.
As a cloud blocked out the sun, the wind kicked up again and the two charged in. Ibiki lowered his blade and pointing for Ichi’s skull. Ichi on the other hand lowered his head, and brought his cane to his side. Every inch was a swift one, but it felt every bit slow to the heartbeat in their bodies. Closer and closer they came.
There blades hungered for blood! Hungered for death! Now it was only seconds when they would strike. Darkness and Light half met the grey.

Suddenly with the sound of thunder, a figure appeared from the center. Reishi and wind burst in all directions halting their strikes, nearly knocking them off their feet. “Enough,” roared a voice, with the jingling of a khakkara staff, “that is enough for the both of you!” Ibiki fell over in fright of the soul reaper before him. While Ichi froze in terror simply of the voice.
It was the monk, Grant Fenice. A single eye of grey burned like a flame from his glare, upon the two, and the gang. He then growled, “If anyone else want’s to dare get in a fight on my watch. I will subject you to a world of pain and fear, that not even the holy one’s could save you from!” Instantly everyone went quiet, and sheathed their blades.
The fight was over. For now atleast.
The Blind and the Blonde
Whew started Sunday and ended up finishing it today! I'm still a bit shaky from it. Making fight scenes for me can do that! haha Anyhow as I said in the last, I was gonna have a fight and here it is. Not gonna say anything about it but I think it was pretty good. What should I write up next, truly that's a good question? If any ideas after reading come up, let me hear and I might do it. But I'm always writing something so who knows! Have fun!
The Blind and the Monk
by ilduceGN
A Bleach Fanfic

Three days after the fight. Ichi and Kirie received fixing up at the hospital. Ichi was in for a day, but was up and walking out the next afternoon. Kirie however would stay in for longer. Sleeping through it all.
With his free time Ichi, would simply wonder about around the academy. His fame of defeating Kirie was quite a thing, but soon like any fad it quickly faded. Mostly due to him not having any pride or boasting. But also by people thinking he cheated. Before and after the fight, nobody really knew him.
“Ah,” he sighed joyfully, in the sun. “Wednesday, I think it is? Such a splendid sun.” With his bangs down like shades, he looked to the sky and smiled. Odd how he’s so pale and yet he could never really get a tan. Tapping his cane, he scratched his head and realised he never took off the band the referee gave him. Pondering to himself on what to do with it, he simply shrugged it off and kept it.
Trailing down with his cane guiding him, he approached a building that was not occupied at the time. His cane bumped into something hard, and Ichi froze for a moment. Curiously he rose out a hand to investigate what it was and at a level of his waist, he felt it was hard and dusty. It was just a wooden box left outside the building. Looking to the left and then to the right he didn’t hear any body.
So with that he decided to just sit down on it, and enjoy the peaceful breeze.

After some time he dozed off with his head slightly tilted to the right. All was quiet in the gentle breeze, with other sounds going off in distant background. However soon came the sound of jingling. Not like bells or wind chimes, it was a very distinct jingling. Still in near sleep, Ichi’s ears trembled every time the jingles drew near.
One two jingle, one two jingle. A simple rhythm was being drawn out in Ichi’s head. Closer and closer the sound grew, and in it he also could hear footsteps. Calm and casual, with the feet hitting the ground first, with the jingling coming in third with a thump. Then it all stopped.
Ichi’s eyes fluttered a bit, and he looked straight forward.
Not knowing what it was, he was looking in the right direction. Standing there quietly was not a student like him, but a soul reaper. Wearing black robes, a straw hat, and holding a six ringed khakkhara staff. Lifting the staff a bit the soul reaper, struck the ground causing the rings to jingle about.
“Excuse me there, but what’s the time?” Ichi asked. The soul reaper said, “12:30 at best.” With that Ichi stood up with a groan, “For second there I thought my time was up.”
“How so?” asked the man.
“Some jingles can represent the coming of death.”
“Never heard of that…”
“Ah well, I best be going. Thanks for the wake up call.”
Passing the man he went on his way. The man simply turned to him, with a confused look in his single grey right eye. Then he gave it some thought of the way he was dressed. The hat, robes, and staff. Similar to a member of one of the many sects of Buddhism. “Hey wait up!” he shouted, catching up with Ichi.
Ichi turned his head slightly and asked, “What is it?” “Smart ass,” smirked the man, with a hand on his hip, “you making fun of me being a monk?” Ichi scratched his head and pondered, “Why would a monk be in a place like Soul Society?” “The better question is why’s that monk the third seat of squad two?” grumbled the man. Ichi halted in place, and blocked the man’s path with his cane.
A ranked officer of the stealth force. Third seat of squad two is said to be the warden of the Maggots Nest. Ichi shivered a bit knowing this man sounds pacifistic, being a monk, but with the rumors of the stealth force in mind. Ichi lowered his cane and turned to the man with a big smile. “I’m sorry, we never introduced ourselves!” he bowed swiftly, trying to remain calm.
The man turned with a puzzled look to Ichi. Then with a chuckle he offered out a hand, “Third seat of squad two, Grant Fenice.” Ichi introduced himself not noticing he left Grant’s hand hanging. Grant however let it go and they continued on their way, and the false insult faded away.

“So wait… You're the guy who beat Kirie?” asked Grant. Ichi sighed with guilt, “Yep.” Catching the hint of dislike in his voice, Grant snickered, “Can’t believe Kirie, lost to someone cuter than her.” “Oi!” huffed Ichi, with a slight glare.
“Payback for making fun of my zanpakuto and style.”
“Tch, maybe being blind has it’s benefits.”
“Heh, I’m half blind.”
“Yep, some bastard shot me from the side, and it scratched out the front of my left eye.”
“Yeah… That’s how I ended up here too.”
“Died in a dogfight during World War 1, and a few days later I was brought here by Sui Fong!”
Ichi looked at Grant with an odd look, wondering how he remembered his former life. Upon being asked Grant replied, “It was luck… I guess?” Not wanting to dwell into the subject of a person’s past, he fell silent.
“So you came and left, eh?” said Grant, with a smile, “The fight.” Ichi nodded with grumble, “More like I was shoved down the stairs into the fight.” Grant laughed while adding, “Make you fight without your consent. That’s Cecilia for ya, making bets on fights.”
“You talkin' bout the referee?” asked Ichi.
“Yep she can get quite greedy with the bets. Especially when Kirie is winning them.”
“Than out of nowhere some little guy, blind with a cane and pretty face takes her down.”
“Of course he got quite a beating in the process, from the Sho Fist. He he he!”
“How’s that funny!”
“She always uses that when she get’s flustered.” sighed Grant. “Such a shame she uses my own technique so sloppily.”
Again Ichi felt a slight chill, hearing that the man beside him was the creator of the Sho Fist. But then he got curious as he knew he still had time before his break was over. So he asked, curiously, “So… Who is this Kirie Tachibana?”
Grant kept on walking as he gave it thought. A six foot three monk and five foot two blind pretty boy, walking together on the thought of Kirie. With that in mind Grant glanced at Ichi and said, “She’s a good girl, just going through a phase.” “You say it like you two are close?” pondered Ichi. Grant told him he was a good friend of her family, and was also her teacher.
Time went buy and Ichi was drawing near where he needed to be. However he kept on talking to Grant since he had nothing else to do. Plus he got to learn a few things about this Kirie in Grant’s vagueness and was told to keep it secret. “So what your telling me is, she’s only acting tough?” giggled Ichi. Grant snickered, “Oh she’s tough alright, but she feels that she should challenge everyone simply because she doesn't want to be the wallflower… Unlike you being the don’t judge a book by it’s cover guy.”
Ichi burst into laughter, and so did Grant. It was almost as if Fenice tapped into Ichi’s mind and sorted him out. Ichi was very much a wallflower, but had plenty of skills hidden away to prove he was a figure not to be judged at first glance.

Upon reaching the place Ichi needed to be he said his goodbyes and headed off into the barracks where other’s like him were ready for the next hours of training. Grant pulled out a locket watch, and upon opening it he sighed looking to the photo inside. Surrounded by aged gold, was a small photo of a younger version of himself, along with a woman by his side, as they stood near an old bi-plane. To the right he saw the clock struck one, and vanished into a flash step.
“You sure are different, Fenice.” thought Ichi, as he prepared to use kido, “Hope to hear from you again.”
The Blind and the Monk
Alright sequel time. Had a feeling it was a good day to write and so I did. This one takes place 3 days later, obviously that's how it always works. Unfortunately there's no fights in this one. Believe me I wanted to do and still do, but I just felt it wouldn't had worked in this chapter. So possibly in the next I shall have a fight. Aside from that this one is just a simple day for Ichi on his break in the soul academy. If I still got readers, keep on doing it. Give a comment if you like!
The Blind and Foolish
by ilduceGN
A Bleach Fanfic

A slash forth knocking down the guard, followed by a double roundhouse kick. The blonde man flew into the evading stands.
“Winner!” claimed the gunbai wielding referee. “Kirie Tachibana.” The crowd of academy members cheered; others booed at the fact they lost their bets. Down at the center, Kirie sheathed her blade and sighed. Seven fighters, thirty rounds and she’s still not down.
Picking up the blonde’s blade, she saw him stand up with a scowl. Her gold eyes glared back with her lips curling a smirk. She then under hand tossed his zanpakuto back at him. He caught it in mid-air with his right outstretched hand, and sheathed it as he walked out.
“Who’s up for the next round! Any takers?” called out, the referee. Kirie stood with crossed arms as her eyes looked around the stands. The crowd was bickering to one another, and many seemed either wanting to fight; others looking away in shame.
Then suddenly as the blonde left the doorway, he stubbornly shoved a figure down the stairs. Tumbling down it went, not able to catch footing or place it’s cane down for the breaks. Everybody turned their attention to the scene in silence. The figure in panic tripped on a step, pole vaulted mid-air from the momentum of the cane striking the floor. A single flip was made and the figure landed flat on it’s back in the arena.
Breathing fast from the shock it just went through, it sat up with a groan, “The hell was that all about… Jeesh!” Quietly it rose back up, dusting off and bickering to itself.
The referee’s red eyes glanced back and forth, and then she raised her gunbai saying, “A challenger.” The figure froze in place, upon hearing the referee and the crowd erupting with laughter and applause. “State your name, challenger.” ordered the referee. The figure turned to the voice swiftly, and said, “Ichi Minamoto.”

The figure named Ichi, was rather hard to determine between the referee and Kirie. Was it a male or female. It spoke rather softly, stood only 5’2 and had quite a feminine face under the messy black and blue hair, hiding it’s eyes. It also had pale white skin, that blended well with it’s robe top, and it held it’s stick-like cane rather close.
“Is it a guy?” asked Kirie, with an awkward glance to the referee.
“It might be a girl…” replied the referee, “Not like you haven’t faced one yet.”
Ichi stomped the cane in annoyance, and growled, “How many times must I tell people. I’m-a-guy!” “Got any proof?” asked the referee. Ichi snorted and grabbed the front of his hakama, about to show off. Kirie threw out her hands and shouted, “Stop! Alright you're a guy.”
Ichi let go with a sigh, and the ladies in the stands groaned with disappointment. The referee explained everything of the arena to Ichi, and he agreed. Thus Ichi and Kirie took their places; however the referee surprisingly noticed that Ichi was blind. The way he handled the cane, keeping it close to him, and never clearly looking to whom he was talking to. Shrugging it off, she decided not to tell and let the match go, with the intentions of a good fight.
Kirie drew her zanpakuto and took a stance; Ichi simply turned slightly to the sound taking a stance, holding his cane up with both hands near the top.
It went silent, as the gumbai was raised, and the taiko drums were ready to strum. Three. Two. One. The gumbai slashed down, the drums rumbled and Kirie flew forth.
Ichi with grace drew his blade from the cane, and with the other hand still on the sheath he blocked Kirie’s strike. Followed in with a 180 spin of his blade held in a reverse grip, coming around to slash at her face. She quickly backed away and then thrusted her blade for his gut. But he strafed to the right just as fast. Taking a step forth with added momentum he swung the sheath out and it smacked Kirie a few feet away.
The crowd applauded as the first round went to Ichi. Taking a low stance, Ichi held the blade close pointing outward, with the sheath close and pointing toward him. Kirie rose up with a smirk, and lifted the blade up to eye level pointing toward her foe.
Thus the next round began.
Kirie ran forward, and Ichi drew forth with his sheath. Kirie went for the right and went for a sideways upper cut. Ichi swiftly darted back missing the strike, but Kirie quickly came in with a thrust. Ichi went sideways swatting the thrust down, and kicked her in the gut. Breaking her defense from the impact, he quickly trailed his sheath on the floor noting the steps it took, and then leaped forward kicking her in the back.
Round three.
“Heh, you got a good defence.” remarked Kirie. Ichi replied with a smile, “And you don’t seem as fierce as they say you are.” Darting forth they found themselves locked in a struggle. Kirie was trying to push her downward slash into Ichi; but her height of 4’7 put her at a disadvantage, to his weight pushing her back.
“I haven’t even gotten started, Minamoto.”
“Neither have I, Tachibana.”
“Tch… How can I take you seriously.”
“That’s your problem not mine.”
Taking that as a insult Kirie drew back swiftly and slammed her blade down on Ichi’s defense hard. Shook back from the strike he was open. Kirie quickly leaped forth with a kick to his chest, and he took many steps to hold himself before falling on his butt. One round to Kirie.

Five more passed. The score was now tied with five against five. Kirie had yet to have used her Sho fist style of fighting, and Ichi was still standing. However before the next round could begin, Kirie told Ichi to put up his hair. He asked, “Something bothering you?” “I can’t stand you looking at me like that.” she replied, rather frustrated.
“Is it wrong to keep my hair as it is?” he pondered, with a tilt of his head. Her scowling eyes began to twitch, as she grumbled, “Just… Just do it.” He agreed with a shrug and then asked for something to put his hair up with. The referee tapped him on the shoulder and handed him a band.
A little time later. He tied up all his hair into a high-ponytail with the band. Gasps filled the room with Ichi’s new look, including the ref herself.
Ichi then asked, “How about now?” His expression was calm yet curious with closed eyes. However he was quite a gorgeous face for a man. Gazing at his face once more, Kirie’s eyes softened, and her heart was a flutter. Feeling a blush forming at her cheeks she quickly hid her face in her scarf.
But it was too late for Kirie, as everyone laughed at her showing a sign of embarrassment. Even the referee was guilty of snickering. Ichi smiled with slightly amused gaze to Kirie. “Well?” he asked, again. Kirie’s head popped out of the scarf and she charged out screaming with wrath.
Ichi darted forth to meet her. Parrying many of her strikes with his blade and sheath. He tried to get an opening, but this time she was more wild in movement. She then leaped back and smirked, “You may have a good defence, and knowing how to time a counter. But can you counter my speed and the Sho Fist!”
Thus she vanished into a flash step. At that time the referee got off the arena, knowing how rough this could get. Ichi now stood at the center with the sound of Kirie going in and out of flash step all around him. Suddenly he felt many jabs to his body, and before he could react Kirie reappeared in front of him. With a raised hand before her face, she said, “Sho: Fist of The Tyrant!”
Suddenly the many places she jabbed, dented inward and he was rocked back and forth with an immense force, but managed to keep his ground. Wrecked with pain all over, and spitting up blood he nearly collapsed forward. But saved himself with his sheath. Kirie stepped back surprised but kept a cruel smile on her face. Resting her blade on a shoulder, she offered pridefully. “That was only a tap from the Sho Fist, if you want to walk out on your own two legs. Best you go on now.”
“Heh, heh, ha,” he chuckled for a bit, causing Kirie’s eyes to twitch. Ichi then stopped, and replied, “That’s a nice offer, but I just can’t do that. Not when you’re holding back so much.” Kirie’s eyes flashed with anger and she gritted her teeth with a short hiss. She vanished into a flash step once more.
“Holding back, huh! Well then let see how much you’ll do against this!” she said, from all around. “Pretty face or not, you’ll never see the light again!”
With that said all the reishi in the room began to grow and get heavy from the two of them. Everyone knew this would be the final round. Ichi drew his arms close and began sheathing his blade, and put all his senses to concentration. In his world of darkness there was only sound, taste, and smell.
Trapped in a vortex of sound, and the smell of perspiration with orange fragrance. He knew Kirie was very close now. His zanpakuto was almost completely sheathed when suddenly he felt a clearing. With a burst of purple and white reishi, his hair flew up like a flame and his eyes opened to reveal nothing but white. He swiftly took a crouched stance, drew his blade and flourished it all about him at near unseen speed.
Then it was all silent as he slid his blade back into it’s sheath. Stopping just a few inches from closing he said, “This… is going to hurt.” Not knowing he was staring right at Kirie who was in slow-motion inching her way to jab at his head. Thus he fully sheathed the blade and everything returned to a regular pace, and Kirie was knocked back by a burst of energy stopping her attack. As she flew into the stands, slashes appeared on many parts of her body and blood swiftly drew forth. Ichi won the round but the crowd was in horror of Kirie now lying unconscious in the stands.

Thus with that Ichi began walking toward where he came. Guided by his cane, he painfully made his way down, and then going up the stairs. Through all the commotion he looked back to where he felt the reishi of Kirie. “Truly I hope we meet again, Kirie Tachibana.” he said, quietly to himself with a warm smile, “Maybe then we could meet on better terms.” And turning away from the scene he walked out, and went off to find the hospital.
The Blind and Foolish
Well darn it, my original plan of wanting to create a series of original works that have nothing to do with fanfic. Some how backfired. Off to a great start, but then I just lost steam, and had way to many to choose. So the Sunday before last, I just woke up with an old idea for a bleach fanfic I did way back. I had a couple named Ichi Minamoto and Kirie Tachibana, and well I never really got a good idea of how it all worked. Plus I just made Ichi a pretty boy, who was a bad ass blind swordsmen. But was used more as comedic purpose's and half the time was indestructible. Never really seemed right so starting with this I feel I might start a series of developing Ichi, and seeing how he and Kirie developed a chemistry. So I give to you a prequel of a prequel to "The Clash Of Five series" I did while back. Enjoy if you may, or turn away. I'll keep going!


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